1 hour consultation. In person (Vancouver, BC) or over the phone. During the hour, you may ask questions about topics specifically geared towards your project or goals. You will receive all the necessary tools and guidance to get your career to the next level in areas such as; marketing recording, songwriting, social media, grant funding, branding, image, booking agents, labels, touring, showcasing, radio, publicists, endorsements and much more.

I am able to assist not only artists but aspiring industry professionals including managers, songwriters, agents etc, looking to gain more knowledge about their role or future goals as well.

Grant Writing + Custom Marketing Materials

I offer full-service Grant Writing for applications such as FACTOR, Starmaker, Creative BC, and Creative Sask.

I can also put together professional items that any grant or project may require including custom Band Biographies, Marketing Plans, Budgets, Hot-Sheets, Artist Agreements and more.

*Please note:  I am only accepting Starmaker eligible clients at this time but please email me for a grant writing referral for all of your other application  needs.

Music Blog

On my Home page, I offer you FREE and valuable information written about various Music Industry topics. I encourage you to visit regularly and take advantage of this great resource, if you haven't done so already, and get caught up on the current list of postings.