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SoundCloud is a great site to share and promote your songs publicly or privately. This site is not run by fans, but by artists, song-writers, producers, creators and critics. It was designed to be a simple way to store your songs in one place and have them there to share on blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and more. You control whether the listener can download the track or simply stream it. If you offer your tracks free download, it could cause a potential “hype” about your music before an album is released and be a great starting step for exposure and promoted it properly. You can embed your play-list, or track by using the “share” function on your account and copy paste your code.

On each play-list or song on SoundCloud you can ask for comments and feedback from the listeners. You can even leave specific comments at certain points of the song ex: at 1:35 a fan could comment “This melody is amazing” or when you are working on completing a song with band-mates 3:05 “Guitar solo in bridge could be mixed quieter.” This really helps the artist know exactly where the listener is referencing.  If you are having your fans comment, make sure to check them, and reply to your listeners and leave comments on other band’s songs as well.















My favorite function of SoundCloud is the ability to share your works in progress privately. This can give managers, radio DJ’s, labels, promotion and marketing teams, friends and band-mates a sneak peek of your works even before it’s been released to the world.

There are all kinds of genre and location-based groups on SoundCloud. Pick out a few that you think your music would be right for, join them, and submit your tracks. It’s a great way to build a little online community that could lead to sales and a growing fan-base:

Another great way to get other music fans, producers and engineers involved in your music is to host a remix competition. Post a song and encourage a fans re-mix of it. Prizes would be a great way to get people to participate such as; winner will receive a copy of the new album signed and t-shirt:

SoundCloud allows you, via your track to include links in the player that point people to where you’re selling your music on and offline. Make sure you become familiar with this site as it is a great tool for any music industry user.

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