Upcoming grant deadlines for Canadian artists

Thank you to all of my applicants last round. I was able to apply for 5 different groups and programs for yesterdays deadline. Good luck to all of those who were involved!

I wanted to take the time to advise you all on some upcoming grant deadlines for Canadian artists ONLY.

I am currently accepting new applicants and will only be applying for 5 groups per round. I advise you hold a spot for any upcoming deadlines if you are interested please reach out to me at bonnie@musicboxartistconsulting.com. I also require a minimum of 30 days to prepare and application. Thank you!


Demo grant or full length album : Nov 1 ($1500 – $15,000 in funding)

Marketing and Promotions: Sept 27 (up to $20,000 in funding for non-factor supported album or $35- 50 for a Factor supported release)

Tour Support: Aug 23, Nov 29th (up to $20,000 in funding per application or $35,000 for each artist per year)

Music Video: Sept 13, Dec 13 (viral video for $5000 or music video for $20,000 in funding)


Music Video, EPK, Viral Video and Website development Grants:

July 12, Sept 13, Oct 25 (anywhere from $1500 – 25,000 in funding)


The next round for Starmaker will open shortly. This program is available for more established artists who have a successful sales history in Canada. Sales is determined by genre, to see if you are eligible visit: https://www.starmaker.ca/about/faq/#question1

Starmaker provides funding for Marketing&Promotion as well as Domestic and International Touring; if you meet the sales requirements. There is a great deal of funding and success with applications.



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