Top 3 Digital Distribution companies; key features and differences

Digital Distribution is a very necessary avenue for all artists to have. Make sure to register and become familiar with the site before you need to submit your music. Always submit 6 – 8 weeks before your release date to insure that it will be processed with enough time to guarantee the date and promote your material.

Here are some different avenues to submit your music digitally to iTunes and many other digital stores. They all offer different services and all have their pros and cons. Continue to read about the top 3 most popular digital distribution companies currently being used, and see which one best suites you and your project:

1. Tunecore charges as low as $9.99 per year to promote your single with world-wide distribution or $39.99 for an album. They do cost money however they are the largest and most trusted music distributor in the world. While keeping 100% of your money that your music earns from digital distribution, they do not take a percentage, just the annual fee. You can update your information online at any time and withdraw any income earned whenever you please. They have a free and easy start up to join and will run you through your account, creating your album or single sale, select your stores, upload your artwork and “cash-out” at the end.You will also have access to your own sales page with monthly updates.

They also feature a weekly newsletter and blog including videos and articles about your exclusive artist copyrights and how you can make more money from your music. As well as access to some major label avenues in North America.






2. ReverbNation is another great and commonly used site for digital distribution. You also get to keep 100% of your royalties. They have multiple “packages” you can choose from when registering your works. ReverbNation Pro is $59.95 per year and will assist artists in gaining access to over 40+ stores around the world.  The ReverbNation Essentials package (which is more then enough for a indie artist) gains you access to 30+ stores around the world. It’s free if you just want to sign up to ReverbNation, you will be able to  promote your music and connect to fans, you can create manage and track all of your campaigns, ability to network to venues and promoters to book your next show, as well as creating a band page which is a great tool for marketing and pitching yourself if you cannot afford a website. You can include your band image, songs, videos, upcoming concerts, bio and will show your page stats. A great example of an artist page is:





3. CDBaby if you are currently with TuneCore of ReverbNation, CDBaby offers a switch now and get 50% off their services there is no annual fee rather $49/album or $9.95 for a single: . The offer distribution to over 60 digital stores. They also offer services unlike ReverbNation or Tunecore such as; helping you get a UPC Bar Code for your album at $20 or $5 for a single (important for artists looking to report with SoundScan) As well as additional services such as download cards starting at .59 each and available credit cards swipers for $30 to accept credit cards at live shows. The only difference is CD baby takes a cut of your sales unlike the other companies, CD baby keeps 9-25% which can sometimes work out to less, or more then paying an annual fee at the other companies with 100% of your sales. However if you release one album in a 5 year period with CD baby you are only paying one time fee of $49 rather then a 60$ annual fee for those next 5 years, it may work out to being the same…




The choice is up to each project depending on what your group may need at that time. I hope you found this helpful.

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