Tips while you are out on Tour

While you are on tour work on building relationships;  with your fans of course, but also other influential contacts. For example, call venues where you have had great shows, and thank them for having you. Doing small things like that will go far, and you will be rewarded in the long run.

Stay healthy, work out, and don’t over indulge. Drinking every night and eating french fries every day will catch up to you and can effect your performance. Remember you are working.  Yes you can enjoy yourself, but 4 months on the road can really take a toll on your body. Make a conscious effort and treat it well.

Continue using your social media while you are out on the road. Take photos with fans and of the crowd at each show and post the photo on your Facebook/Twitter after the set. “Thank you all the fans in Toronto, you were great!”

Practice! Make sure if any mistakes are made in your live set that you sit down and talk about it as a band, pick it apart, strip it down, practice it acoustically and perfect it. Having a couple songs ready to perform acoustic,  will also be helpful for any local radio stations that you may be visiting while on tour. Radio relationships can be very helpful; if you can play for them they will promote you and your upcoming show for free. If they like you and your music, they will even continue to spin your song long after you are gone. (You will need to plan radio appearances ahead of time if you want to do this).

Keep good records. Keep good track of your money in and money out. You should have a merch sheet with a breakdown of the sales and sizes to keep organized, so you know if and when you need to order more merch.  Make sure you do another order before you have run out of supply; keeping good records will allow you to stay on top of this. This will also help you keep track of your total expenses and perdiems as well, which will be a good habit to get into especially if you are every a recipient of a successful touring grant, or have a label or financial manager for whom you need to prove expenses.

Share the work load. Don’t expect one person to do all the lifting and driving. Make sure you share the tasks and put everyone to work. It is only fair and no one needs to be given any sort of “special treatment” on the road.  Be ready for everyone to put in some elbow grease and work really hard out there.

Clean your touring vehicle! Every week plan a day to clean your  van. Your mom is not around to do it for you, and the longer you wait the bigger the job it will be. You wouldn’t want any fans or people in the industry to see your van/bus as a big garbage can and stereotype you as a dirty musician ; )

Last but not least, be kind, be polite and be thankful. This applies to all your crew, band members, other musicians you are touring with, any venue staff and to your fans. Remember reputation is key in this industry and you want to be on your A game. This will help establish many good working relationships, which will help to further your career as you work your way up to the top! Being on tour is a crucial part of building your fan base, selling CD’s and taking your career to the next level. Make sure to tour, and tour well!


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