Tips and Tricks to creating your FACTOR artist and applicant profiles

There is an upcoming deadline of August 31st for all artists to submit their profiles into the FACTOR system. IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR FUTURE FUNDING YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE THIS SUBMITTED by this deadline date. You cannot submit later this year, so this is your chance.

While the FACTOR website can be a bit confusing at first, it is quite simple once you get to know it. Here are a few tips and tricks, and basic steps to create and submit your profiles:

  • Go to and create a username and login if you do not already have one.

Artist Profile 

Once you have logged in you will see a categories below that FACTOR logo. You want to click on “Artist Profile” which will open a new page, click the yellow button “Add” to start your own. If you already have a profile as an artist, you can simply click on your artist name to open up your previously saved profile.

A new window will pop up. FACTOR is not an auto saving website, so each time you are done inputting new information into a new window, you must press “SAVE” every time. This can be found in the top right hand corner, wait until you have a green bar on top of your page to verify it has saved properly. If something went wrong or mandatory information has been missed, it will show you a red bar with the remaining details outlined that are needed for completion.

In your Artist Profile, you will be asked basic items like band name, website (if you do not have an official website, include your Facebook link here) city, genres and an area to upload you bio. I encourage PDF documents to be uploaded so that it is formatted for whoever is looking at it, PC or Mac. To upload your bio click on the paperclip, and select your file, and save.

Sometimes artists think “great, that is it”… BUT it’s not close…. In the top right hand corner, you will see two drop down menus. “Mandatory Information”  and “Additional Information”. Make sure to go in and fill each out of them out and click “Save” in the mandatory section.

The Additional Information is highly recommended in order for you to get you a higher artist rating. If you do not have any discography, tour history, sync placements etc. leave them blank.  However fill in each section to the best of your ability those apply to you right now.

Once everything is 100% completed, go back to the main Artist Profile page and click the yellow “Request Review”. If you do not do this, FACTOR will not get your details so this is really important!! Again a green bar will appear on top if everything is good to go, or a red bar with details of remaining work to complete will show up for you to do before trying to submit the profile in for review again.

I would say this entire process can take anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on how much the artist has going on. Do not be intimidated by this process, this can mean future funding from 2000 – 25,000 and will totally be worth your time. If you wish to apply in December but have not done this, you will not be allowed to open an application. Have your profiles completed, updated and submitted for each review if you intent to apply for any applications with FACTOR.

Applicant Profile

The Applicant Profile is “who the money would be made out to” in the event that your application is approved.  Depending if you are an incorporated band, or an individual solo artist or band member it will need to be in one specific name. If you are a four person rock band, have the most business savvy/ money smart band member be responsible for this. If you are a solo artist, the profile is in your personal name. If you are under 18, perhaps you have a parent help you with this and put the profile in their name with their assistance. That person will need to be responsible for all incoming and outgoing money and possibly proving costs and expenses for certain applications.

Click the “Applicant Profile” text below the FACTOR logo and click “Add” or click on the name to fill in the details or make any necessary updates.  Here you will list your legal name, proof of Canadian citizenship, your address and any other professional involvement you may have in the industry.

Make sure to click “save” and then click on the Applicant Profile drop down in the top right hand corner and complete and save all necessary categories. “Qualifying Criteria” drop down menu may or may not show up depending on what information you have filled in for your profile. If there is no dropdown, then you will be finished at this time. If there is, please fill and save in all of those categories as well.

You will then also need to click the “Request Review” on the top of the Applicant Profile page when you are 100% done. These profiles take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many details you need to fill in that apply to you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Set aside some time before August 31st, create your profiles and get them in the system before deadline day so you are able to tap into future funding.

If you are having problems or questions about the process as you go along, FACTOR has a great customer service team. You can call them between 9 am – 5 pm EST or email them at the information below. Good luck!

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