Tips and Tricks for Interns in the Music Industry

Sometime not too long ago, I was part of a 8 month internship (two 4 month placements) working for free in the music industry to gain connections and experience to land a full time (paying) position.  I was successfully able to do so immediately following my placement.

I have since had several of interns working under me for 4 month periods over the last 6 years and I have defiantly learned some things along the way. A few incredible workers have come across my way and have made a lasting impressions and friendships. Others who are simply there to get in and get out and are showing poor work ethic. Leaving a less memorable impression for me as a reference on their resume moving forward.

Being an intern is a really valuable moment in time in your life. You walk in with a blank canvas and walk out with a picture to sell. That picture being yourself now filled with experience to bring forth to your future employer down the road. The music industry is a really tough industry to catch a break in so anytime you’re presented with an opportunity never forget how fortunate you are to have it because there are tons of dreamers out there wishing they were in your shoes.

If I could provide any tips/tricks to any current or future interns in this business it would look like this:

  • Conduct yourself professionally from your dress code to your interaction with all staff and clients
  • You’re learning and going to make mistakes. Acknowledge that and learn from it
  • Always strive to do better
  • Be willing to take on any task put forth to you no matter how small because everything teaches you something
  • Be ready and be reliable (at any time or day)
  • Be motivated and prepared to be a self-starter for work. Always finding something productive for you to be busy and helpful
  • Be passionate with your work
  • Look for opportunities to ask questions
  • Be observant – you are in a environment that you can learn from simply from being a fly on the wall
  • Always look for something to take away from an experience
  • Do your research on who you want to work for and why

Remember that being an intern is a crucial stepping stone in your potential future career. The industry in small and your references could make a big impact on you getting hired (or not) for future positions.

Show your gratitude, good work ethic and professional behaviour in all settings as an intern and your chances of gaining full time placement will easily fall into place.

Good luck!


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