The scoop on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s #1 source for music discovery. With the ability to post and share your music to billions of fans, musicians, famous icons and music industry reps, YouTube has helped dozens of musicians to be “discovered”. It could very well be the catalyst to your next big break, so why not give it a shot?

Financially YouTube works like this: Every time a video on YouTube receives 250,000 plays, the artist of the video is paid a paltry $8. 500,000 plays*, another $8 will be sent to the artist… So for most YouTube users they will never receive a pay cheque. You would have the be the Justin Bieber of the world to see a decent income from Youtube. With over 2,405,534,964 views J-Biebs has made roughly 80K in youtube plays alone. However, most bands or artists will never see that kind of income stream. Instead, they are using Youtube as a gateway to outsource their music and videos for free. This helps gain exposure as collecting plays can be used as a stat to pitch their band. It’s amazing how the number of plays can create a lasting impression on a label or manager. It’s also a great tool to be able to use and share if your video has made a viral statement.

I do have a couple of things to add though. No video is better then a bad video. Make sure the video you are putting out is a true representation of what you want to show the masses. Make sure your video goes viral from your talent, not as a joke. You may have to invest a couple hundred bucks hiring someone to do a quick live edit, but it will be a lot more valuable then a homemade webcam video. You have to invest in yourself to be able to get something back. If you are doing a webcam video… make sure you don’t settle for anything less then perfect. If you have to do 60 takes to get it right, then do it.

Try something new, rise above and be different. The 5 guys 1 guitar is a great example of a viral outburst!  (I wont even bother posting the link as I know you have all seen it ) Walk Off the Earth had 30,000 subscribers on YouTube before its cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” went viral, gaining 69 million views. From there Union Label Group founder Matt Colyer stepped in as manager, and the group has signed with Columbia. They are now finishing up an album. That group had their 15 mins of fame and made all the necessary music connections to further their career. Without that they would still be working hard in their jam space in Ontario Canada. I challenge every new artist to come up with a unique concept, to challenge your creativity and come up with a video concept to post on Youtube that hasn’t been done before, it could very well be your next big break.

So get out there and get creative, take advantage  of the world wide ability to share your music, + have fun!!

*Source of info on YouTube payment coming from David Renzer (formerly of Universal Music Publishing) in 2011. Information for music outsource payment will always continue to rise and fall. Please note this example is based on that information and can change as time goes on.


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