The Perfect Pitch to Mgmt, Labels, Booking Agents Etc.

I get an average of 20 emails per week from artists and songwriters pitching their music. Some of which are great, and some of which are not. There is a difference between an artist who knows how to strongly represent themselves, and one who doesn’t. I have come up with some suggestions that I have seen become very effective in order to deliver ” The Perfect Pitch.”

I often get emails that ask ” I would like to submit my band how to I do that?” or on the other hand I will get a 4 page email with several different links to music pages and projects they are involved with and an overload of information.

1. Most people will not have time to email you back and tell you exactly what they are looking for. And 2. Those same people will not have time to read your 4 page email about what you have done since 2001 and check out all of your links. Someone in the industry can easily be turned off by a bad pitch and may not even respond or listen to your music.

SO here is what you should do:
– Create an email (about 2 paragraphs long) introduce yourself, your band name or what you are exactly pitching and looking for. The second paragraph should include a “hype” paragraph on any reputable, recent accomplishments.

– End off the email thanking them for their time and provide them with ONE link to your site of choice (Website is preferred if you have one otherwise ReverbNation, Facebook or Myspace will also work) Make sure to include your name, phone number and email address in your signature.

That’s it… that’s all. It should be very informative, clear and to the point. With all of the necessary info in one small email. EPK’s and Press Kits are not necessary and can generally be a waste of time and money. If you have a great website with content including a sample of your music, bio, tour dates and a promotional photo that’s all an industry professional will need to reference and review your material.

One last note: Do not reach out to employees via their personal Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts as that can be bothersome to certain individuals. Do your research on the company you are looking to reach out to and find a contact email on their website, or call them and ask for an email address you can send a submission to.

Good luck and Happy Easter weekend ! – Bonnie


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