The importance of a good Entertainment Lawyer

The importance of a good Entertainment Lawyer:

An Entertainment Lawyer could make or break your career. The best and most respected Entertainment Lawyers are mainly located in the music hubs such as Vancouver, Toronto, LA, NY and Nashville. Having an lawyer who is up to date with this rapidly changing industry can be key, and potentially career changing for you in a short or long term scope.  Never hire a lawyer who does not work in the entertainment field to review your work. They will not be able to detect the industry terms or compare to know what a “normal” or “good” agreement would be on behalf of your artist career.

Please don’t cheep out on a laywer, don’t try and take short cuts to save on costs. Lawyers fees are expensive yes, but having someone review your agreements, offers, publishing deals etc. is worth it in the long run. They may catch something within the agreement that would be “hidden” to most people or a “regular laywer” could easily miss, saving you many of thousands of dollars in the future. They will also know what is in your best interest and how to negotiate professionally in this business on your behalf.

Some agreements you will want your lawyer to go over are:


  • Band member agreements
  • Publishing and song-writing agreements
  • Management agreement
  • Label deals, agreements and offers
  • Merch deals (for bigger acts)

You don’t need to get a Canadian laywer if you are Canadian, having a US lawyer long term could be beneficial for your career if you decide to do any US tours, or North American label deals/releases. On the other hand, if you are a USA band, defiantly stick to a US lawyer 😉

Hiring an amateur lawyer claiming they understand the business could be detrimental to your name and image (if they tell you one thing that is incorrect that makes you look bad or damage a relationship in the industry, it could have some serious long term effects)

Make sure to pay for a good lawyer early on in your career for the right advice. This will save you in the long run.

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