The 5 things you are being “graded on” by most A&R reps

Here are 5 things I review when I am scouting a new band and new music. You should know all of the items that you are being critiqued on before you send your stuff off to someone important.  So here you go:

1. First impression when receiving and email. Is all the necessary info in there, and are you professional and polite (reference: ‘Creating the Perfect Pitch’ blog in “News” )

2. When opening up your website link, what is it that the viewer first sees? Is the page clean, up to date and a good representation of your look and sound? How many plays/followers do you have?

3. Photos – What does the band look like, are you marketable? Do you look like how your music sounds?

4. Are they touring? If so, with anyone reputable?

5. Then, at this time if you have made it through 1 – 4 they will listen to your music. I generally only play 30 – 40 seconds of the first song unless I like the tune. I will listen to a few minutes of two songs and then decide at this point if I should contact the artist for more information, or advise them that it is a pass.

As long as you are able to give your audience the reccomended information, and providing your music is enjoyed, you will be on the road to success. Good luck!

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