SoundScan; What is it and why you need it.

Neilson SoundScan is the official source of sales tracking in North America, the system helps artists track digital, physical and off stage sales. Data is collected and sent out every Wednesday to each subscriber for their project. Anyone who is selling music with its own UPC or ISRC code may register. You can expect it to take approximately 3 – 15 business days, so I recommend that you submit the form at least 3 weeks before the projects release date.

If you don’t have a UPC code:

If you don’t have an ISRC code:

They ask that you allow 3 – 5 business days after submitting any info for a title to appear on their system.

I highly recommend everyone to get on board and register, tracking your sales can be crucial for important things such as pitching yourself and applying for Canadian grants with eligible sales requirements.

If you are an indie artist you are eligible to apply for SoundScan physical sales. If you have your label or manager registered who has been in business for more then 2 years you are eligible to apply for the Digital and Live Venue reporting sales as well.

If you are selling your album in the US, you must register with SoundScan USA, if you are selling in Canada, you must register with SoundScan Canada. If you are both, you need to register to both separate accounts in order for them to track in both places.

Register your product with SoundScan USA:

For questions contact:

Register your produce with SoundScan Canada:

For questions contact:


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