Social Media you need in this industry; Twitter

I have discussed the topic of Twitter with a lot of artists and bands. Most people complain and say “Well, I don’t get it. I don’t know how to use it.” My argument is suck it up and sign up! If you can operate a Facebook page (and I know 99.9% of you can) you will be more than OK with Twitter.

Twitter is on my top 3 social media sites every band or industry professional needs to have (other sites include an official website and a Facebook page). For music fans, Twitter is the next best thing to being backstage. If you are a fan of an artist, Twitter is an incredible way to interact with them. Not just to view their posts, but actually interact with the band through replies, retweets, direct messages, etc. If you are an artist or a band, the reason you want Twitter is because it helps keep your fans engaged, interested, up to date and spreading the word to your followers about your music and news. Remember, it was a simple tweet from Justin Beiber that helped to propel Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” from a #1 hit in only Canada, to international success…

Fans can also help you promote an up coming tour or release; as long as you are doing your part on your end.  Always remember that any of your band sites, are your  business sites. What you say reflects on your band and your music, and that your personal opinions are saved for your personal Facebook accounts. : )

I am even going to teach you the tricks of the trade now, so you have no more excuses. Here we go!

Retweet: When you retweet, you simply repost what someone has already tweeted.

Reply & Tag: when you reply, it allows you to tag their name (example: @MusicBoxAC) and write what you’d like to that person. You must use the ‘@’ personsname with no spaces or punctuation to properly tag them. If there name does not automatically appear, make sure you are following them. (Look up their name and simply click the “Follow” key)

Hashtag: Use the ‘ # ‘ symbol to hashtag a word. This word will be able to come up when people search for it. It is a great tool to allow tweeters to network with you… for example: @MusicBoxAC Have you read this weeks #blog about #twitter @twittermusic ?

Check out Twitters Guide for Musicians and Artists for more information:

Once you have signed up make sure to share your tag name with your followers on your other social media sites to start collecting followers and let the Twittering begin! To sign up visit:


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