Social Media and Your Band – 3 must have sites

The internet….. Some musicians complain that the internet ruined the music industry. With free downloads, music shares, video rips… etc. Some argue they would be better off without it. I personally view it as possibly one of the best things to ever happen to this business.

Every fan has instant access to their favorite musicians personal life, tour dates, ticket links, studio news, new music, videos, and much more. That is, if you make it available, which you need to do by creating an ‘Online Presence’. Here are the 3 pages EVERY band needs to currently have:

Facebook: Create a band page. You need to add apps to promote contests and I would strongly suggest to add Bandsintown to promote upcoming tours. Do ONE post daily. It can be about anything, upcoming show info, a fan photo, itunes link etc etc. Have your band members take turns posting one piece of information per day. Also, be sure to promote your page so it’s not just sitting there. In fact, studies have shown that your fans may only actually see 15% of the updates you post on social networks. At least if you are posting once a day that means you are reaching all of your fans/followers at least once per week. Get as many fans as you can to “like” your page and have them share with their friends. These numbers are very important when submitting to any A&R Reps.

My Darkest Days are a great example of a band who is currently up to date and active on their social media pages. Have a look here for examples of posts, layout and apps on Facebook:

Twitter: Same goes for twitter. Download a program called Hootsuite to link your social media sites together if you want to avoid posting the same status on multiple pages. Make sure to login to Twitter every day and reply to any possible mentions or questions from fans/followers. Every day add 3 fans and 3 industry people to follow. Make sure to get your followers/following numbers growing every day! The more followers = the better the first impression when sending out page to any A&R Reps as well.

Official .COM: Every band needs an official website, not just a Myspace or ReverbNation. I suggest hiring a company that specializes in artist/music industry pages such as: Harmonic Concepts: who will be able to put together a website with all the necessary tools you need. You should have several tabs on your .com including “News/Home” “Bio/About” “Tour Dates” “Media” (current videos and music) “Contact”

Keep your site names as similar as you can (depending on availability). All of your pages  for example could be:, and You will have the best fan ability to connect with and it will have them remember the links for all of your sites for any future visits.

Make sure to update all of your sites every couple days or minimum once per week to keep all of the info fresh. Promote them daily and start to gain your maximum ‘Online Presence’.

Other suggested online sites that are helpful, IF you are willing to maintain and update are:

– Youtube channel (lyric videos, acoustic live video, music videos)

– ReverbNation  (band profile page also helps with world wide and iTunes distribution)

– Instagram and Pinterest ( keeping fans updated with behind the scenes jam photos, crowd shots from stage and tour pics, other photos of bands you like and much more. Linking to your Facebook and Twitter as well can be very effective )



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