Here are the following services that you will be able to find at Music Box Artist Consulting:

        • Consulting / Career Building

          One hour consultation services in person (for any Vancouver clients) or over the phone. During the hour, you may ask me questions about topics specifically geared towards your project or goals. You will receive all the necessary tools and guidance to get your career to the next level in areas such as recording, songwriting, social media, grants, branding, image, booking agents, labels, touring, showcasing, radio, publicists, endorsements and much more.

          I am able to assist not only artists but aspiring industry professionals including managers, songwriters, agents etc, looking to gain more knowledge about their role or future goals as well.

          2018 RATES: $65 for a one-hour consultation

        • Music Blog

          On my website, I offer you FREE and valuable information monthly about various industry topics and conversations via my “News” tab. I encourage you to visit regularly and take advantage of this great resource, if you haven’t done so already, and get caught up on the current list of postings.

        • Grant Writer/ Industry Writer

          I offer full-service Grant Writing (for Canadian Citizens only) with FACTOR, Starmaker, Creative BC, MuchFACT and Creative Sask.

          I am also available to hire for professional mandatory items that any grant or project may require including Biographies, Budgets, Hot-Sheets, Artist Agreements and Marketing Plans.

          2018 RATES:

          FACTOR/Creative BC
          $250 – 400 for Grant Applications (depending on the type of grant and artist level)
          $50 – 75 Artist Biography Writes
          $250 – 350 for custom Marketing Plans
          $50 – 150 for custom Budgets

          • Starmaker
            $500 – 900 for Domestic or International Touring Applications and
            $500 – 1500 for Domestic or International Marketing Applications
              * Rates are applicable with 30 days notice. If a grant is asked to be written under a shorter time frame, expedited rates will apply (can be up to twice the quoted amount above, but can vary depending on application type and days remaining until the deadline).
              ** GST will be added to all invoices/ quotes above.
              *** If your application is approved and you would like me to file all of the accounting/backend for your completion report. A 15% admin fee (Which is roughly $1500 or up to a cap of $4500) will be taken from the approved grant funding in order to compensate for my further time on the project. The completion report can often be more time consuming or tedious than the application itself, so this fee is in place to cover my time for that portion of work.
              **** I can only take on a limited amount of grants per round, so please email me in advance to save your spot, and reduce your fees.
              ***** All artists and teams must get materials for applications and completions over to Music Box by the time of their requested deadline date. This will ensure your work will be done correctly without rushing. If there is a delay resulting in last minute completion on your end, an additional fee may be charged.

      Any other questions? Feel free to Contact me to find out more about my services.



          • I have written and received grants for clients such as: Dallas Smith, MacKenzie Porter, One Bad Son, Cold Creek County, Hyvetown Music Publishing, Wes Mack, Petric, The New Electric, Ray Gibson, Andrew Allen, Olivia Penalva, My Darkest Days, Chris Buck Band, The Heels, Shae Dupuy, Amy Nelson, Dave Hartney, Willhorse, Amy Guess, The Wild!, Head of the Herd, Eric Ethridge, Popular,  Sacha Visage, Wolf Parade and many many others.