Radio Breakdown – Registering and Royalties

If you have a song that is being performed live, on radio, or will be licensed to sell, then you can collect and receive royalties.

You need to register your works with a company such as SOCAN, who will help with all registration, collections, details and any questions you may have. Check out my blogs last week of my interviews with Terry O’Brien of SOCAN who explains more about the company.

The break down of costs per radio play can depend on the location, station, genre and time of spin. On average a song being played on Top 40 radio will receive $1.75 for each spin. A song being played on a private station such as campus radio can receive up to 4.50 for each radio spin. Stations that are national or regional such as CBC can make up to $25 per spin since their reach of listeners is even that much greater. Remember spin value changes with each district. A radio station is essentially an advertising company. The music is there to engage their listeners to keep tuning in until the next add is placed, and so on and so on. There is also a Digital Audio Interaction; “the DAI pool,” who collects a data system of each song played, which will be recorded and sent back to SOCAN for distribution of royalties (paid out quarterly.)

Radio can be a great tool to get your music heard, and bring in a revenue stream for artists who are getting a decent amount of air play. Make sure to discuss a radio plan as part of your career if you are wanting to have a successful future. Come back next week to check out info about Radio Promotions companies and how they can be a valuable tool to you.

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