Project Checklist for an album release. Part 5 of 5

At this time, you have already released your album and single. You have been promoting and building a team. There are a couple steps which you need to take in order to proceed.

Here is part 5 of 5; A Month After the Album/EP Release:

(Canadian bands apply for any additional Marketing and Promotion FACTOR funding at this time)

– Tour; if you haven’t already, beginning planning a tour in markets that your single/album is being well received. Touring benefits awareness to the band, increase of radio request and album sales

– Release Music Video/Lyric Video to follow the single release

– Continue to work with your publicist and radio tracker promoting your album and single

– One the single has “peaked” discuss with your team the next best song for releasing, continue to tour, promote online, pushing your brand and building your fan base

An album will have about 2 -4 singles depending on your genre and marketing. Continue to write while on tour and making contacts along the way will further your career. Every project takes a lot of money to properly execute, make sure to spend it wisely and save money from touring for the next release

Best of luck ! Make sure to comment on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions on any of these points.

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