Project Checklist for an Album release. Part 4 of 5

This checklist is at the time that your EP/Album will be released both digital and hard copy. Here are some things you need to do at that time that are key for release week!

Album release:

– Continue your daily online posts/ promo for your album on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to create awareness and build number in your target demographic

– Work with your Publicist to push album including interviews and features online

– Visit iTunes Link Maker ( and make sure the purchase link to your album in available everywhere online

– Tie down your location, producer and production company for you Video Shoot for the first single

– Release your BTS video footage of “Making of the Album”

– Use online campaigns such as  “Pay With A Tweet” or Facebook contests for free signed CD to increase the hype and fan interaction

– Visit your local radio stations and drop of copies of your discs to their Music Director

– Encourage your friends, family and fans to call in to radio and request your single to give it an extra push

– Finalize tour plans and hire tour manager and sound tech for the road

– Make sure all your gear working, you have a functional and cost efficient tour vehicle and your live set is perfected

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