Project Checklist for an album release; Part 3 of 5

Here is part 3 of 5 for your project checklist for an upcoming album/EP release.

This is already past the stage of Recording and Mastering. You are now releasing your single and the EP/album to follow roughly 4 weeks later:

Single out + 4 weeks to album/EP release :

(Canadian bands apply for touring and video grants)

– Release single to radio, iTunes and a 3o second sample or lyric video on your social sites

– Release single artwork to tie in a visual to the song

– Launch new “facelift” of website including new images, single and album artwork, all release dates, purchase links and up to date bio.

– Update Facebook/Twitter with new info and images. Begin posting daily about upcoming news, radio adds, iTunes pre-sale, photos etc.

– Work with radio tracker to push single in your target market

– If needed by your radio tracker, call to radio stations to introduce yourself and thank them peronally for the add

– Schedule radio/promo tour to visit local or key stations and offer to play acoustic set and/or on air interview

– Start booking tours for 2- 4 months down the road to promote album and single if you already have not done so

– Great time to be sending out your masters via soundcloud or a private player link to pitch yourself to a team if one is not yet in place. Including manager, publisher, booking agent, label, business manager etc. Companies will be impressed that your sites are active and up to date and you are doing a lot of self-promoting.

Check back on Thursday for part 4: time of the album release!











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