Project Checklist for an Album release. Part 2 of 5

Here is Part 2 of 5 for your project checklist when releasing an album up to indstry standards.

This is in the phase of getting your final masters in hand. Here is what needs to roll out during this time:


(Canadian bands apply for FACTOR Marketing and Promotions grant and MuchFactWEB grant)

– Digital distribution purchase links can take up to 4 – 6 weeks to get online. To be safe and to make your promotion most effective, submit your masters at this time for digital distribution/iTunes with a release date 6 weeks in advance

– Obtain ISRC/UPC Codes for the Masters (generally from mastering company)

– Register your works to Soundscan for them to track all online, hard copy and off stage sales. This is important for prooving any stats in sales for future pitches and grant applications

– Apply for USA work visas if you will be touring in the USA in the upcoming year to promote the album. Applying for a visa is a 8+ weeks, so make sure to apply plenty of time in advance to reduce your costs

– If you haven’t already, rent a jam space and start rehearsing a strong live set, then rehearse, tape the set in the rehearsal space, watch it and pick it apart, and then rehears again until you can play it perfectly and effortlessly *sometimes this can take months…

– Begin shopping masters to labels/booking agents/ publishing/managers if you are getting ready to build a team

– Hire a radio tracker in advance. By having your material and a release date in their hands at this time, they will be able to know well in advance your schedule. This will enable the most effective assistance in promoting your new single/album to radio

– Hire a publisist to push your album, start to give them press materials so they can begin to start a file for you so they will be ready to go ahead on release day

– Get some new promotional photos – schedule photo shoot with a professional photographer(don’t cheap out aka get your uncle to take them) – make sure everyone is in shape and lookin’ their best!

– Complete album credits and submit for hard copy manufacturing

– Have a solid band logo for credits, album and online use

РOnline campaine starts: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/.com РFor the next 6 weeks you will post about upcoming album and  artwork  info. Begin to create an awareness and hype on your release and grow your online numbers

– Update your biography, or hire a bio writer to get a professional bio in hand

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On Tuesday Part 1 of your project checklist was posted. Incase you missed it you can visit:


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