Project Checklist for an album release. Part 1 of 5

There are plenty of important things to do when releasing an album to make sure it is up to industry standards.

I have written a five part project checklist for each stage of the process so that you ensure no details are missed along the way. I will post all five over the next three weeks on my site; so check back for more info. This is a point-form list that I would recommend printing out to make sure nothing is missed with each project your band releases.

If you have any further questions or wish for me to elaborate on any details along the way please comment or email:

Here is Part 1 which covers a check-list during the time an artist is in Pre-Production and Production stages of an album/EP. 


(Canadian bands apply for demo or recording grant at this time)

– Write/demo tracks (co-writes are highly encouraged) make sure you have strong songs before you spend money on recording

– Writers agreements in place including percentages and publishing info if applicable

– Plan your full recording budget/ save for the necessary costs plus a “cushion” for any unexpected finances/opportunities along the way

– Book producer and studio in advance

– Book mixing, engineer and studio in advance

РProducer and Mixing agreements fully  executed and in place (make sure each team member has a copy)

– Record footage of the recording process for later “Behind The Scenes” release on social media sites

– Book mastering, engineer and studio in advance

– Fill in and submit ACRTA/Neighbouring Rights forms (who played on album)

– Begin collecting album credits/lyrics and create master working list

– Song registration with SOCAN/BMI before any tracks are released or for sale

– Finnish in studio and make sure all invoices are paid and collected for files

– Begin album artwork concepts ….







Stay tuned for Part 2 on your checklist: when Masters are in hand and what to do next!

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