New Travel Grant available through SOCAN Foundation

Recently, I had the opportunity to apply through the SOCAN Foundation’s Travel Assistance grant program on behalf of two clients. A songwriter/artist and music publisher, who were planning on¬†attending a music conference abroad. With the new Travel Assistance program through SOCAN, I was able to create accounts for both of my clients, and once in the system, apply on their behalf. The online grant application was user-friendly and with rolling deadlines open all year round, our only requirement was applying before the travel dates took place. As with all grants, you must apply for something happening in the future, vs something that has already taken place in the past.

This travel assistance grant is up to $1500 in funding for an artist or company per calendar year. As with all grants, the funding is never a guarantee, however, if approved, the extra $1500 in funding can really help offset the costs of your mandatory business travel.

I highly recommend this for anyone attending a showcase, conference, workshop etc, both in Canada or abroad. More information can be found here:

Click the blue “register here” box to begin your online profile if you wish to use this program for future applications :¬†

Contact me today if you would like my assistance throughout this process as your grant writer. Otherwise, good luck!

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