Marketing Plans 101

A marketing plan is an incredibly detailed projection for a band or artist. They are generally between 12 – 15 pages and covers the coming 6 – 12 months of plans.  This includes a full breakdown and details of areas such as overall goals, touring, video, press, radio and much more. These are often needed to pitch to labels, setting up a tour, outlining an album release or most commonly in Canada to support a grant application such as FACTOR.

A marketing plan can be a daunting task, especially for an artists to write on their own behalf. Generally getting a company or individual (like myself) is easiest to provide you with the strongest work up to insudtsry standards. If you are an ambitious and knowledgeable artist in the industry however, I have confidence you could pull one off yourself. Here are a couple key tips and tricks to compiling the best marketing plan on your own.

  • Give the document a header image, and bold each category so it’s clean and well laid out for anyone who is reading this.
  • Do not be general, always try to be as specific and realistic as possible.
  • If something is being negotiated or will be pitched in the future it’s ok to include those details as well(the more the better here). Just make sure you say they are tentative or TBD plans.
  • Include any plans to pitch to various team members, again do not be general by saying “Canadian Labels” – compile a list of all the Canadian labels for example you want to reach pitch to.
  • Include an updated biography/artist overview including the artists background, what they have achieved so far, highlights to emphasize such as tours, radio charting success and awards or honourable mentions.
  • Work with a publicist and radio tracker in advance. Have them provide you with their plans and outlines for your launch including all details for press, live media performances, live radio visits and stations you will be pitched to to include in each section.
  • Do your research: If your radio tracker has only provided you with 10 key radio outlets he wants to target, research the other 30++ you would like to be pitched to and include that in the plan. Do not simply outline you are servicing to Rock, Hot AC etc as that is far too general. Same goes fore press.
  • If you do not have a distribution plan, you will want to include your independent release plans with a solid and reliable digital distribution company such as Tunecore or CDBaby. Look into who your work will be distributed to with that service and include those full details as well.
  • Include a strong summary on your marketing plan, if it’s for FACTOR use summarize that you are requesting specific funding for a specific program, and thank them for their time and consideration with the application and taking the time to look over your marketing plan.
  • Categories /Headers you’ll often see or want to include (in no particular order): Overview, Track Listing, Studio and Production information, Team, Sales Forecast, Pitching to, Applying for, Goals, Biography, Highlights/Key Selling Points, Demographic, Radio, Online and Social Media, Press, Distribution, Video, Touring, Tools, Summary.

Factor also has a great tool to use for examples to put one of these together on your own.

Visit: for more information + good luck!


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