Know the roles of your team before you hire them

As you are starting out your career, a lot of things are based on DIY structure. As you advance and gain more momentum and success key team members such as a manager, publicist, label, radio tracker and more.

Knowing the roles and responsibilities of each team member is key before you start working with them closely. You’re paying or commissioning these members yes, but your “team” is not your personal assistant. You are still required to do a lot of the work on your own that is the “artists responsibility” and doesn’t mean you can now all of a sudden slack off. In fact you should be working harder then ever to make sure all of your team is doing their job while you are doing yours. As well as being an easy client so that your team is stress free and can do their job. If you can create a positive and personal relationship with each team member everyone will be more inclined to work harder for you! It’s all about balance and responsibility, hard work and success come hand in hand. Your team will not want to work for you if you are a difficult, manipulative, spoilt or lazy.

SO if you want to make it, act like it and work hard for it. This may mean doing some research a head of time as to “what responsibilities does my publicist have” etc. and asking around to other musicians and industry friends. Doing your research is always important, knowing your stuff in the industry side will help your career in the long run as well.

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