iTunes Pre-Sales Now Available for CD Baby Artists

Have you ever wondered how to get your album up for iTunes pre-sale? It can be a great way to start the hype of your album through social media even before the official release date and can have a big impact on first day sales and iTunes ranking. iTunes uploads are often done by your label, but if your are an indie band, there is now a great feature for CD Baby members to help you with that.

What is a pre-sale? (Incase you’ve been living in your Grandma’s basement and this is your first time using a computer in 5 years) An iTunes pre-sale allows your fans to order your music from iTunes in advance of it’s official release date. Your costumers will then receive an automatic download of your album onto their iTunes the day of the release.

A pre-sale must run 1 – 4 weeks before the official release date. If you are submitting with CD Baby you need to submit your masters at least 30 days in the future of the release to insure that it will be up on time. Hope that helps, and happy digital uploading.

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