How you can use Vine for your band and marketing

Vine is a new fun and easy FREE app that lets you shoot 6 second videos that are posted and shared online to your followers. Upload them to your Vine account sync them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, Vine has a lot of great marketing benefits that can be used if you are an artist or band.

A couple of examples of how you can use Vine to promote your band and engage fans are:

1. Shoot a video as a teaser. Only preview certain images that you want fans to see without allowing them to view the whole thing. ex: Shoot the title and top of your new album cover, but don’t give away the whole thing. The power of curiosity is key for engaging fans!

2. Touring video for behind the scenes footage. Get fans excited about your upcoming shows by posting Vine videos of you in their city, at load in, sound check etc.

3.  Encourage your fans to post their own Vine videos of you on stage, listening to their favorite songs, wearing your merch etc and have them tag you (Just like twitter) in their posts.

Research what some of your favourite bands are doing on Vine to inspire more ideas of your own.

Vine is only 3 months old, it’s a very new app and will continue to grow. However, there are already over 100K postings currently on Vine per week. Make sure you sign up now and get familiar with how it works. As you start posting videos like the examples above, you will be able to create your own unique ideas that are fitting to your sound and group. Let the online marketing continue…

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