How to write a professional Band Bio

Being able to create a professional and effective bio on your own is a great tool to have! Here is my advice when writing your band bio:

1.Create an attractive/interesting introduction opening line such as “One of North America’s biggest rock bands in 2012” rather then “timmy started playing bass when he was 5 years old” Stay current and directed info to items related to your project not just your past “life story”. Making a big intro is key as it engages readers into continuing to read on.

2. Decide who gets mention in your bio (band members, producer, label, manager – your session drummer on the album is likely not important to add in)

3. From there who the band/team is. Small intro to the members, any past/credible music industry stats of members.

4.What the band is going to do (releasing an EP produced by legendary producer in June 2013) and/or what the band has done (Was top 10 on Canadian radio in 2012 and most added song for an unsigned artist)

5. Add in any accomplishments/influences

6. End with in any quotes from producers, other successful bands, industry or endorsers

– Include band website at bottom/ contact info

Key notes

-Should be limited to one page

-Make sure to do a couple drafts/ edit/ revise/ proof read again until it’s just right.

– Make sure to update your bio regularly as new things happen. Make note if you get any radio success, release a new album, or open for a notable band etc.


Good luck!

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