How to get your song on the Radio

If you have followed my previous postings, you have learned to create the “perfect pitch” and create a social media online presence. Now, you will need to use both of those tools to get your single on the radio.

How to get your song on the radio?  Before you send anything out, make sure the single you are pitching is radio quality. Research the market for your genre. (There is no point in sending a single to a Hip Hop station if your song is Top 40). Once you find stations suitable for your single, reach out to their music supervisor via email.  Make sure you are contacting the right people and not wasting your time. Your email should include a small pitch about you, your song and your hope that the station will consider adding it into rotation. Mentioning any other stations where the single is already getting played well will help too.  If you are playing a show in that area, mention when you will be by, and ask if they would like you to do an acoustic in-studio performance for them. You need to spend time building relationships with different radio stations and their employees. If they like you, there is a better chance your music will get played. If you have a manager or label, they should already have contacts and they will be able to reach out on your behalf, (if the pitch comes from a person representing the band, this can show you are a more established professional act).

Now that you have a drafted your pitch and have compiled a data base of appropriate music supervisors, Email them all separately (i.e. Attn: Amy at 105.4 fm) and don’t forget to include the pitch, an Mp3 of the single, your website link and your contact info.

If you do not hear back, politely follow up in a couple weeks. It’s ok to send a friendly reminder, but do not be overbearing.

Another tip is to use your social media online presence, and requesting your fans to call into their local station to ask to play your single. If a station gets enough requests they will have to please their listeners by playing it for them.

Having fan involvement can be a great tool for the artist and a fun “participation” activity for the fans.

One way to build a long lasting relationship is by doing acoustic performances at radio station locations; spending time talking to them on air and doing a great interview that new listeners can enjoy. Leaving them with a few demos or merch items can be very helpful as well.

Re: Radio Phone Interviews, even if you are not in town, these can be done from anywhere and should take only 15 – 30 mins of your time. This can help relationships all over the country.

Make contacts at various radio stations via email and phone and talk to their program director about possible placement and spinning your current single. It’s all about connecting and promoting yourself. If you can do it right, it can be a key component to taking your career to the next level and getting your music heard on a national level.


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