Grant info for Canadian Musicians

If you are a Canadian musician or band, you may be eligible to receive funding from the Canadian government through various companies supporting the arts. The two I most commonly use and would like to share with you are;

Factor supports many Canadian artists and genres on areas ranging from; Demo, Touring, Video, Recording and Marking & Promotion applications. Your project could receive anywhere from $500 – 25,000 per application if you are eligible to apply.

Factor’s upcoming 2012 deadlines are:

Demo and Commercially released Single – June 28 and Nov 1

Juried Sound Recording – June 28 and Nov 1

Emerging Artist Sound Recording – June 28 and Nov 1

Marketing and Promotion – June 7, Sept 27

Video Program – June 7, Sept 13, Dec 13

Tour Support – May 24, August 23, Nov 29





Radio Starmaker Fund is offered to those Canadian Artists who have sold over 5000 units in Canada. Funding is available for Touring, and Marketing & Promotion. If you are an established Canadian Group this is the best route to go with a potential 50K in funding per year. With quarterly deadlines funding is available throughout the year, new deadline info coming soon:




If you have any questions or would like help with your grant application and completion certificate I would be happy to assist. Visit my “contact” section on the website to email for more information. Over the past 4 years of working in music management I have applied for over 15 grant applications and have had an 80% success rate.

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