FACTOR changes for 2013 applicants. Artist profile deadline by March 31!!

Thanks so much to Music BC for putting on a FACTOR seminar last night on the new website and changes.

Some MAJOR things have been changed and for any canadian artist looking to apply for funding in the next 3 weeks you will have to:

1. Create an user account

2. Create an artist profile

These artist profiles will all be graded by a category of 1, 2 and 3. Category 3 will have access to all grants (for more established artists with high sales, touring history etc). For bands just getting their start in the industry they will be ranked  in either Category 1 or 2 and will have limitations on which applications they can apply for. You MUST get your artist profile in by March 31, and FACTOR must rate you before you are apply to apply for funding. I have been told that if you submit your profile for review by March 31st they will be rated by mid-April. The Artist Administrator will receive an email that indicates a rating has been determined. From there your account will be reviewed quarterly, so be sure to keep it up to date as you could get bumped up into a higher level later on in the year.

Remember whoever you chose as your “Applicant” will be responsible for all incoming and outgoing expenses. Proof of expenses will not be submitted online and you will no longer submit by mail. How that will unfold we shall see..

There is a couple of new programs including the Comprehensive Music Program which is up to 125K for a full album cycle for artists that rank in Category 3. This is going to be amazing for independent acts who are looking to further their career even more and put their money into recording, touring, marketing video and more.

Please get familiar with the  new website and get your username and artist profile created ASAP! It’s very extensive and you will need to collect a lot of info and materials to include. Saying that get this done in the next week or two as it will likely take you 2 – 4 days to complete this. This includes info from all of the following which is how they will rank you by category: Band Member info and proof of citizenship, Discography including proof of sales, Live performance info including past and future dates for up to 12 months. Radio charting history, Social media accounts and numbers, Press, Awards and your team.

As I find out more details I will continue to post on this site so stay tuned for any other updates!





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