EP vs Full-Length Recording

I have had a lot of clients coming into my office for consultations in the past couple months, and I feel I have really been stressing the same thing over and over to each one. I thought it was time to do a news posting so you can all read my thoughts on an EP vs a full-length recording.

In the industry today all you need is one or two songs to use to pitch yourself and to use as a tool for someone to get an idea of your sound; therefore, I’m a strong advocate of an EP. I am pushing bands to spend the same amount of money they were going to take for their full-length album, and use it for 4 really professional sounding songs. Just meaning, spend 8K on a great EP rather than 8K on an average sounding 10 songs. This is really going to help when you are pushing your band and your chances at getting your tunes taken seriously or considered for radio.

If you already have a full-length album from 2010 say, and are looking to follow up for with another release. You are able to follow up with an EP unless you are a band that has a large following and your fans are looking for those full 10 songs. If you are just starting out and still working on claiming your name in this industry, the 4 songs are more than adequate. I encourage people to work with sucessful producers and in high quality studio. That will increase the chances of making a better sounding release. Work with the people who have had success with their previous acts. You need to take that next step to get your sound up to the next level. Make sure mixing and mastering is a priority in your recording process to ensure the best quality product too.

Also take into account that in 2 – 4 years we are all anticipating that CD’s will no longer exist; the world is going to be strictly digital. Often 2 – 3 singles are purchased off a full album on iTunes now anyways… With an EP they are likely to purchase the whole thing rather than pick or choose their couple favorite tracks.  Lastly, make sure you are really happy and proud of the product you are putting out. If you are not, then there is no point in releasing it. Make sure it’s great, and is a good representation of your sound and you cannot wait to share it with everyone that you know.

For Canadian artists there are demo grants which can help with $1500 towards your EP. The next deadline is Nov 1st. Contact me today if you would like assistance in applying.

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