Don’t waste money on EPK’s and Press Kits

Tip 1. Press Kits are SOOOO 2008… DO NOT waste your time making a hard copy press kit to mail out to companies. They are often seen as garbage and will not be listened to and likely thrown out.

Tip 2. EPK’s are becoming almost obsolete. When a band is doing a proper pitch to labels, management, booking agents etc. They should have a professional website up to industry standards that will catch the eyes of fans and professionals. It should be a good representation of their look to match their sound. You should also clearly include links/badges to both a Facebook and Twitter page that should be updated a couple of times per week with news and photos.

From an industry standpoint. You have a very small window to impress your “judge.” You want all of your bases covered for website, Facebook and Twitter and make sure that you have your music available to stream. If you pass the first test of a great online presence, your music will then be listened to. Spending a little extra time and money on your recording is important so when people are hearing you for the first time the quality is up to industry standards.

NO website is better then a bad website… Often “FREE” doesn’t mean professional. Don’t let your Uncle try to build a website for your band if it’s his first time doing this… Make sure to save your money and get it done professionally by someone who builds sites for industry use such as Harmonic Concepts.

If you have a great site and great sounding quality tracks your success with your pitch will be much higher.

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