Apple Music & Apple Connect – what it can mean for users, Artists and the Music Industry


Apple Music & Apple Connect – what it can mean for users, Artists and the Music Industry


Apple Music is allegedly set to change the face of the music industry over the course of the coming years. It’s being said that with the new Apple Music and Apple Connect systems they will assist in solving the music business’ largest problem of late, the financial downturn. Artists in the past decade have been seeing terrible record deals with little advances and percentages in their favor, and the somewhat offensive 360/single deals. Labels have been forced to do so as their revenue has also taken a massive hit.

This was all due to the technological hit; Napster came in to sway the business. Music fans no longer purchased albums, and in turn artists were forced to proceed with their careers paying for their own recording costs, team and marketing expenses etc. (with a fraction of the income compared to previous years). Thanks to Apple Music, we can anticipate to see all of this  corrected in the next handful of years or even within months, due to their new global service. How? lets dive in…

Apple Music was launched earlier this month to users with an offered FREE 3 month trial period. Apple Music competes with the similar steaming sites including Rdio, Tidal and Spotify but they have taken aspects of other social sites to create a monster one-stop music friendly shop. After the 3 month trial, the service will cost $9.99/ month OR 14.99 for a family, which allows up to 6 users on your account. Even your 11 year old kid who was stealing music, will now be buying into the business on your family plan. They make it so easy, people shouldn’t have to download illegally anymore. For a small fee, you have an amazing and interactive music site for you and the whole family, with access to every single song, album, or music video with the touch of a button.

Apple Music has been launched in other countries and is is testing very well. Now for North America’s reaction and impact. Even artists who have been black listing the average streaming site including Taylor Swift are launching their album on this type of platform for the first time. This is saying A LOT! Apple Music has promised to offer competitive royalty rates to artists and labels which will in term pay artists a much more respectable amount of money on their project vs the .0072 cents paid out on the other competitive sites out there like Spotify. Even during their free trial they are still paying artist 0.002 per stream,with confirmed rates to rise at the end of the trial period. Rumors suggest that the after trial, pay out should look significantly higher per stream vs Spotify’s rate. The rates of those streaming sites at first glance do seem small compared to 1.29 purchased single from iTunes, but streaming sites add up quick, especially on a global level, and Apple has already implemented a trusting and established relationship with their users world wide. More people can afford this new unlimited music on a monthly basis vs the 11.99 per each album, so a larger scaled audience will be streaming and collecting revenue back to the artists and labels.

Because of this, Apple is projected to bring in 1 billion dollars of revenue PER MONTH due to their large scope/ reach of users on a global level. They are also able to offer more competitive rates to artists and labels which will bring more money into the music industry. Spotify’s steaming contract which the majors are currently locked into is coming to an end. With an arguably better service and higher rates we should be seeing the major labels end their term with Spotify and get into a new agreement with Apple Music. Unless Spotify steps up to bat with the same streaming rates per song, I don’t see a single label choosing the smaller revenue deal, that is just not how the majors work.

I have personally been using Rdio and love the way that these music streaming sites can allow you access to new and undiscovered music based on your favorites and most played songs. Apple Music  works the same, by setting up a quick profile about your genres and favorite acts, it suggests new artists and instead of the iTunes Store where you could only preview a quick video or single, you now have access to stream any song or music video under your monthly package.

Apple Music’s additional feature and possibly my favorite of all is Apple Connect. This component allows accredited artist to share audio, videos, photos, ideas and more with fans around the world. They can drop a demo, share an alternative cut of their new music video, post backstage photos and more. On Apple Music, anyone who’s purchased from iTunes in the past or adds your music to their library, automatically follows you, giving the artists a built in fan base as soon as you start posting! This is said to be the streaming music services “secret weapon” so to speak. They have taken elements from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud and built the best ideas to create one super site, and then some!

Artists who also use Apple Music can share any playlists, songs, videos etc they are enjoying with their fans. Much like Tidal’s “unique pull” Apple Music now has it all. By Simply clicking “share” you can write a message about the item you are about to post so your fans can see your thoughts and comments about the tunes themselves. This should be a massive way to reach fans on a global level and again taking this similar approach of Tidal’s only upper hand (in my opinion) and giving fans the exclusive looks and interactions with their favorite artists all in one.

For an independent artist, make sure to sign up for Apple Connect and Apple Music yourself. There are independent music charts and the more streams you receive, the more exposure you will gain on their site. This could be another new way for artists to break – make sure your music is uploaded with a music aggregator like TuneCore that offers distribution to iTunes and Apple Music for a small annual fee. Once you have submitted your music, you’ll be able to claim your artist profile and begin. For a more helpful video tutorial, go here:

The last component and feature of Apple Music is Apple Beats 1 Radio broadcasting station. This service is currently offered for free under your account. You can choose your radio station just like you would tune into your favorites in your car, select Pop, Alternative and even more fine tuned to categories such as Chill, Oldies and Workout Anthems. As these sites and systems unfold, stay tuned as I will be posting more exciting news.

Apple is a company to love and trust, consider getting yourself the 3 month free trial, I am sure you as a music fan or artist will make the switch!! To start today:


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