Album and Single Cycles; Strike while the Iron’s hot.

You have your whole life to write your first album. After that timing is everything….

An artist like Rihanna will release a single, then follow up with that album release around a month or two later. Then as the single falls off the charts, release another single and will do that until 3 + singles have been promoted from that release. (About a full year and a half as well as several tours on one album promotion cycle). She will then head off to work on another album while her last single from the previous album is being played and promoted.  6 months later she will have a fresh single to promote following another new album release. This may seem like a lot of things happening back to back. But when you start collecting a fan base, generating album sales and radio requests… Fans are constantly ready to hear “What’s next”. One thing I would like to stress in that case is; “Strike while the iron’s hot.” Especially so in Pop music.

I have seen a successful band lose a mass majority of their momentum and thousands of fans because the time in-between album cycles has been too long. Allowing fans to loose interest and or “forget” about following that particular band for their upcoming release. Making it seem as though when a new single is released they are starting again from scratch. Timing is very important. Keeping fans posted through social media in between any albums or singles with any release date will keep them intrigued and always interested. Being able to do that successfully will go a long way for any followers and create a constant hype around your name.

Make sure to plan in advance, hire a radio team with experience in doing the above if need be. Time out your singles, projects, and plans so that you can have the best possible success for your career.


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