A tip to promote your single with iTunes link maker

When posting about your new single or album that is available on iTunes…┬áBe sure to use this great online tool to create a direct link to your works:


When typing in the artist name, territory, media type and genre iTunes link maker will generate any results similar to your search. Once you find the link you are wanting, whether it’s a single or an album click the blue “Album Link” on the right side. A pop-up window will arrive on your screen and you can copy the blue “direct link” which will link fans straight to the iTunes store for your item only. Include that link in all or any social media posts related to your single/album for sale.

This can help to simplify fans time in trying to find your music. If they don’t find it on their own right away, generally they will give up and you could lose sales. This way is a fast and simple way to provide fans with a dummy proof way to get access right to your music on iTunes.

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